Timothy Jones
Timothy is a writer, trainer, educator, ordained minister and pundit of Hip-Hop culture and youth development. Timothy is a lecturer and Hip-Hop Scholar in Residence at Teachers College, Columbia University. His writing credits include the book Prayers Proverbs Parables and contributions to the anthologies, Be a Father, Souls of my Brothers and HipHopEd: The Compilation of Hip-Hop Education. Timothy was one of the founders of The Cultural Initiative Inc., which developed and implemented the Annual Hip-Hop Conference at Howard University from 1991-1996. Timothy’s innovative view of Hip-Hop as a mindset allows him to engage and encourage educators to identify the multiple intelligences and transferable skills that are on display among their students who engage in various Hip-Hop art forms. Timothy established himself as a youth engagement and youth development specialist during his 22-year career at Martha’s Table, a community-based organization in Washington DC. As Hip-Hop continues to expand its reach into every aspect of our society’s culture, Timothy has helped pioneer Hip-Hop as a teaching and prevention strategy tool by working with The Youth Popular Culture Institute www.ypci.org and co-authoring “Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV” (H2P). H2P is the only Hip-Hop based prevention program listed in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration SAMSHA’s registry www.samsha.gov. Timothy is the Chief Visionary Officer of HipHopEd www.hiphoped.com and the curator and moderator for the weekly “Cyber Cypher” #HipHopEd twitter chat presenting timely discussions on education, hip-hop and youth development that serve as professional development for educators, parents, practitioners and youth. Follow Timothy on Twitter @tdj6899. Timothy is currently the owner of Techniques4Learning LLC, a company committed to supporting various organizations and academic institutions in the areas of youth engagement, youth development, business development, training and program content creation. In addition to establishing his company as a sole proprietor, Timothy is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and curriculum creator. Timothy is married with two young adult children and resides in Silver Spring, MD.
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