Sherice R. Grant
Sherice R. Grant, a native from Boston, Massachusetts graduated from Emerson College with a B.A. in TV/Video Production in 1999. Since then, she has had the opportunity to provide over 20+ years of education in the arts and has found the greatest joy in serving countless students in various inner-city, and suburban communities, youth organizations, and schools in Boston, NW Indiana and Chicago. She has taught in public, private and charter school environments, teaching dance, theater, videography, photography, art, audio design and instrumental music exploration to students of all ages, nationalities, and ethnic backgrounds. Sherice has also provided video services for a variety of national schools, dance companies, music bands, singing groups and individual artist such as: The Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts, DancExcel Champion Center for Creative Arts Education, Ayodele Drum and Dance, Emerson School for Visual and Performing Arts, Imagine Tap, The Spirit of the Baobab Tree, Soul By The Pound, Triple Dose Band, Poppin Dollz, Derick K. Grant, Keith Jackson, and Dianne Walker just to name a few. Sherice moved from Boston to the midwest in 2004, which gave her even more of an opportunity to display her work as a dancer, videographer, editor, director, choreographer, producer and writer. She has done several promotional videos for dancers and music artists across the world and has directed and produced various commercial projects for both elementary and high school students in NorthWest Indiana, and Atlanta Georgia. Sherice has been given credit as a videographer in the HBO documentary film called, “The Wonder Kids”, which aired in 2009. Sherice has strong passion for teaching and has dedicated her life’s work, to education and the arts to help students identify with hidden talents, discover new interests and build self-esteem and confidence through problem-solving, core-values, leadership and goal setting.
Rhythmic Conversations
In-Person Session
Rhythmic Conversations is an exploration of music and dance using basic elements such as body, action, space, time, energy, rhythm and more, to create sound and movement phrases. Throughout this class, rhythms will be created from the body to allow conversation and communication as these rhythms are being played. We will be building dance language and movement literacy as we explore the conversations between music and dance.

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