Sharif El-Mekki
Founder and CEO of the Center for BlackEducator Development. The Center exists to ensure equity in the recruiting, training, hiring and retaining quality educators that reflect the cultural backgrounds and share common socio-political interests of the students they serve. The Center is developing a nationally relevant model to measurably increase teacher diversity and support Black educators through four pillars: Professional Learning, Pipeline, Policies, and Pedagogy. So far, the Center has developed ongoing and direct professional learning, mentoring, and coaching opportunities for Black teachers and other educators serving students of color.
Retaining Black Male Educators
In-Person Session
Many people are interested in recruiting diverse educators, but what intentionality do they employ to retain the very teachers they worked hard to recruit and hire? What are the prerequisites for diverse teacher retention? What are the collective school community mindsets and supportive educational ecosystems necessary to ensure recruits don’t enter the front door of your schoolhouse or district, only to leave out the back door soon after? This workshop will visit the toolkit developed by the Center for Black Educator Development and other members of the Pennsylvania Educator Diversity Consortium.

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