Sabrina Thompson Mitchell
Filmmaker, photographer, activist and owner of Kuu (pronounced koo) productions, adynamic media production company specializing in directing and producing TV commercials, short documentaries,world photography, digital campaigns and now crafting television docu-series and scripted dramas. Her clients rangefrom HBO, AT&T, Warner Media to RocNation Sports along with a host of amazing clients worldwide. Sabrina'scampaigns and work have been featured in/on NBC, Entertainment Tonight, The New York Times, Vogue Magazine,People Magazine and art galleries in U.S. Embassies in Australia, Rwanda & North America.In 2007, she and three friends co-founded WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network), a NYC-basedwomen’s non-profitwhich served 80k+ young women over a span of 15 years that focused on molding young womenof color to be executives in entertainment and technology. Sabrina is a former high school teacher and former TVproducer for Courtroom Television Network and Columbia TriStar syndicated talk shows. In 2012, she went on the wildest adventure of a lifetime and appeared on SURVIVOR on CBS where she was therunner-up of the Emmy award-winning program. She served as Hillary Clinton’s cinematographer during the 2016Presidential campaign and was the lead photographer for the historic women’s March in Washington, DC in 2017.She is a native of Wilson, NC and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Long IslandUniversity. She spends her time between Brooklyn, NY + Houston, TX developing new TV projects and mentoring
The Power of Group Dynamics During the Pandemic
In-Person Session
The pandemic exposed the ill practices of companies and institutions of education regarding race and gender relations. This session takes a look at how various groups used digital media to galvanize their resources to force various brands and companies to make overdue changes in DE&I during the pandemic.  This same model can be used in classrooms to show students their power in numbers with modern day technology.

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