Riccardo Harris
Riccardo Harris, a native of Wichita, KS., is the Executive Director of Wichita GEAR UP at Wichita State University. A former public school educator and coach, Riccardo is a staunch advocate for urban youth, promoting education and character building as an alternative to the senseless violence that plagues many urban communities. The recipient of various community awards and recognitions, Riccardo strives to impact urban communities and to help youth avoid becoming victims and perpetrators of violence. In addition to his work with youth, Riccardo is also a published author and noted public speaker.
They Don't Care How Much You Know Unless They Know How Much You Care
In-Person Session
As educators, we must be able to connect with students. Using a research-validated framework, we will examine the importance of relationship-building in engaging students academically and socially. Participants will (1) discuss the value of personal connections as a precursor to relationship development; (2) explore concepts of mentoring as an impetus for academic and personal success; and (3) develop a list of best practices for academic and social engagement with students.

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