Myrla Feria
Myrla serves as a Partner for the Southwest. She oversees the strategy and development of Academic Services in South Texas, Arizona, and Houston. Previously, she has served as a Leadership Coach supporting and coaching district leadership throughout Texas. Through this work, she coached and developed instructional leaders to improve teacher pipeline, retention, and increased student achievement by placing quality teachers in every classroom. Myrla began her teaching career in South Texas, teaching middle school math and science. She transitioned to leadership and helped launch a Pre-K pilot that has since been replicated across districts and regions to 18+ schools. She transitioned to San Antonio to become a founding principal and focused her efforts on closing literacy gaps with only 18% of students reading on grade level during the 1st year. She studied Bilingual Early Childhood Education for her undergrad and received a Masters in public administration from University of Texas RGV.
Latin, X, E or O- Liberating or Limiting?
In-Person Session
Added to the dictionary in 2018, Latinx is a term used broadly to describe the Hispanic population. Created to be gender neutral, and therefore more inclusive to those who are non-gender conforming, the term isn’t without controversy, especially in the Hispanic community. Join us to discuss the nuance surrounding the term and consider ways in which we, as a community of color, engage in a multi-faceted, and complex, dialogue that intersects identity, culture, and emotions while maintaining community amongst ourselves.

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