Julian Johnson-Marshall
Julian Johnson-Marshall is an educator born, raised and living in Kansas City, Mo with a passion for developing the next generation of readers and leaders. He is a 2017 alumnus of Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Political Science. Throughout his career he has led and supported several initiatives to include Hip Hop culture, social emotional learning, and social equity into the learning process. Johnson -Marshall believes as a Black Male Teacher, his presence in the learning community has the ability to open mirrors, windows and doors to potential & opportunity for every student he meets. He currently serves as an English teacher and Humanities Department Chair at DeLaSalle Education Center; as well as Content Moderator for Brothers Liberating Our Community, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of Black Male Educators in Kansas City. He is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. His most important calling is being a good father to his daughter, Shiloh.
Crossroads: The Intersection Of Hip-Hop & Education
Virtual Session
This session will seek to answer the question "Does Hip-Hop belong in the classroom?" This cultural phenomenon known as Hip-Hop has ranked as the leading genre of American music since 2019, it's growth from a back to school party to global dominance is remarkable. The landscape that Hip-Hop has created provides a fertile breeding ground for planting seeds of liberation through culturally responsive teaching. Participants will leave this session with actionable knowledge and wisdom that will bring the intersection of Hip-Hop and Education into their learning community.

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