Jacqueline Rodriguez
Jacqueline Rodriguez serves the multilingual community in Kansas City, Kansas Public schools, as the Director of ESOL & Migrant Programs. She dedicates her time to integrating language learning into classrooms to provide inclusion and equity for all students. As a proud Surge Academy alum Jacqueline has been able to elevate her leadership skills as a Latina in education, focusing on transforming urban education and expanding the opportunities for our youth. In her previous role as a Spanish teacher and director of the Blue Valley Chinese STARTALK Immersion Academy summer program, she has been able to present on topics such as how language learning promotes students' inclusion and increases skills for a global society. She also encourages requiting, retaining, and supporting teachers of color. She leads with the belief that all students have a voice and deserve teachers who look like them or have shared experiences.
Internalizing And Shifting Language For Multilingual Learners
Virtual Session
Schools classify students who speak languages other than English which prompts a potential use of deficit projection upon English Language Learners. This session provides a guide on recommendations that can be taken to highlight the child's assets and celebration of their linguistic diversity.

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