Isoke Titilayo Nia
Isoke Titilayo Nia is a writer, educator, and priestess of Oya (an Orisa/deity in the Yoruba tradition). Isoke has been an educator for over thirty-five years. She has taught in independent schools for children of African descent, such as Uhuru Sasa and Zidi Kuwa. This prepared her for the New York City Public School System. Isoke, after teaching for many years, became a Literacy Staff Developer in Brooklyn’s District 17. This position prepared her for a 13-year tenure at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project which included being the Director of Research and Development. In September of 2001, Isoke founded All Write Literacy Consultants, Inc. As the director of All Write, she travels throughout the United States and abroad, learning and sharing that learning with others who are caretakers and instructors in the world of literacy. At present Isoke’s attention has been focused on culturally relevant literacy for several New York Districts. Isoke is also a writer of poetry, prayer, and short stories. Along with a collection of stories, she is currently completing a book on teaching writing tentatively entitled Digging Deep: The Study of Genre in the Process Classroom and her memoir entitled, Where’s Mother?
Education for Liberation
In-Person Session
This workshop will remind those who join her of how and why we educate children of color.  Using the thinking and research of Paulo Freire, we will build on the strength, reasoning and ability of how our children learn.  Together We will build some innovative ideas about agency-- as we design learning that will help our children to flourish. What is pedagogy and practice if the results don’t build leaders?

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