Faneshia Jones
Faneshia Jones is the Elementary Director of Teaching and Learning for Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington, KY. Faneshia has previous experience across grades K–8 as a classroom teacher, program coordinator, and school administrator. She has also supported schools across Kentucky as an Educational Recovery Leader for the Kentucky Department of Education. In that role, she worked in collaboration with school and district leaders to implement systematic approaches to school improvement. As a doctoral student, Faneshia’s research interests included kindergarten readiness, elementary learning outcomes, and opportunity gaps. As a practitioner, she is currently focused on literacy and instructional equity.
Creating Open Education Systems
In-Person Session
Is your system “open” or “closed”? Closed systems keep families and communities at arms length, limiting their engagement and empowerment. Open classrooms, open schools and open districts engage in true partnership with key stakeholders to co-create policies and systems. In this session, community leaders and educators share techniques for co-creating with your community, in service of greater equity and liberation. We’ll share real examples and insights from implementation from the Kentucky Coalition for Advancing Education, a state-wide coalition that has partnered with the Commissioner of Education to reimagine the future of education in Kentucky. (Justice, Healing)

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