Fadhal Moore
Fadhal Moore is from Washington, D.C. by way of Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up the son of a teacher in under-performing public schools, he cultivated a passion to fight for quality education to truly be a right and not a privilege. Fadhal made his way to the classroom after obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in government along with a teaching license from Harvard University in 2015. He then spent four years teaching middle school social studies in Baltimore and Washington DC. After spending time as a McCourt Fellow at Georgetown's McCourt School of Public Policy, Fadhal is now a management analyst for DC's Office of the State Superintendent of Education. When he is not working for our youth, you can probably find him at the gym or deep in the pages of a comic book.
Was “In-Person” Ever Working?
In-Person Session
Developmental Considerations for a Return to the Middle School Classroom The pandemic upended the education system as we know it, shining a light on its weaknesses, and forcing us to reckon with our system’s deficiencies. Transitioning back into normal schooling will be especially hard for our adolescent learners, whose developmental needs the middle school structure already often fails to meet. Returning to in-person schooling will not be effective for students who have not been in classrooms on a regular basis for so long unless we are intentional about how to make this work. Through the lenses of developmental psychology and antiracist social emotional learning, this session aims to help attendees take advantage of the restart presented by COVID-19, and create plans to guide their students into a classroom that meets their actual needs. (Justice)

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