Dayonne Richardson
Dayonne Richardson is a local Children’s Book Author and 3rd grade Educator at Hogan Preparatory Elementary School in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the proud product of the Kansas City Kansas public school district and the University of Missouri, Kansas City (Institute for Urban Education). Dayonne began her teaching experience in 2012, teaching in both the United States and China. She has had the unique opportunity to teach elementary, collegiate, and professional educators. In June 2020 Dayonne released her first children’s book titled “I Told the Storm”. This text tackles fear while reminding students/families that from the scariest storm the most beautiful things grow. In May 2021 Dayonne received a formal Resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives for her achievements as an Author and Educator. Throughout Dayonne’s educational career she has been inspired by all of her scholars, families, and peers. She truly believes in a classroom of 24 scholars that equals 25 educators. Her core belief is “We are blessed to teach them, learn with them and from them”.
African American Children's Literature: The Mirror, The Window & The Sliding Glass Door
Virtual Session
Purposeful literature has the ability to be a vivid mirror for African American scholars. This session gives text options along with activities/classroom discussions that promote confidence & curiosity.

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