Angela Maldonado
In her role as Partner, Angela oversees work in three states and leads the leadership development practices team for the organization. In her role, she works with state departments, philanthropic organizations and foundations, CMOs and districts on a range of work that includes leadership development, talent diversification, access to high quality academics and implementation, and authentic community engagement. In her work at TNTP Angela has led principal preparation programs in Philadelphia and Kansas City and supported districts in designing comprehensive talent management and human capital strategies. Prior to her work at TNTP, she supported district staff and principals in Prince George’s County with the implementation of a new teacher evaluation system. Prior to her work there, she joined education as a Teach For America corps member in Philadelphia, where she taught middle school English in the district, leading her students to significant gains on citywide tests. During this time, she was featured on NBC’s Education Nation as an exemplary model of teaching. Following her teaching experience, Angela joined Teach For America staff as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development, coaching first and second year teachers throughout Philadelphia, reaching more than 2000 students via the teachers she coached. In 2015, Angela was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list of influential educators. Angela completed her Bachelor of Science in Finance at Penn State University and holds a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.
Latin, X, E or O- Liberating or Limiting?
In-Person Session
Added to the dictionary in 2018, Latinx is a term used broadly to describe the Hispanic population. Created to be gender neutral, and therefore more inclusive to those who are non-gender conforming, the term isn’t without controversy, especially in the Hispanic community. Join us to discuss the nuance surrounding the term and consider ways in which we, as a community of color, engage in a multi-faceted, and complex, dialogue that intersects identity, culture, and emotions while maintaining community amongst ourselves.

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